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What decking material is the best?

No matter in outdoor or indoor decoration, decking decoration always plays an important role into it. To some extent, it defines the style as a whole. Today, the main ground decoration comes into stone, wood and some composite material. Most people are familiar to the first two kinds of materials, which have been widely used for many years. Stone is really very durable, so it’s a good option when people pursuits durability, but perhaps it’s not a smart choice for

Why the Aluminum Pergola with Louvers is Important?

Aluminum pergola is a kind of special existence due to its unique design in engineering structure and appearance. The reason why we say it mainly result from the louvers. To some extent, louver is the core of the pergola which defines the functions of this product with growing popularity. Here in OCC, we develop our aluminum pergola and make it a sort of all-weather system, which depends on the 0-120°electrical louver control. Let’s see how it works under different weather


Speaking of decking clean, many people may think it’s troublesome, and some even have no idea where to start. Honestly, for composite decking, it is actually a kind of ultra low maintenance product that do not need daily care, but it still needs some care & clean, especially when it get stained. For normal wash, you just need to clean it with water and warm soapy water if necessary. But please remember DO NOT USE the metal material tools like

Wider Boards, Broader Space

As we all know, the most common width of decking in the market are normally 136mm, 147mm or 150mm, what we always do is not to follow the market trend, but to lead the market. Therefore, we launch two types of wider boards, which are good options for various locations, especially for broad space. One is the 3D wood grain decking, like our other deep embossed decking, its wood grain comes from pressure print rather than thermo print, which enables

Re-create outdoor space

Gone are the days of decks and patios that might be used to host a BBQ once or twice a year. Now, outdoor life becomes normal, and homeowners are seeking the outdoor living areas where they can relax, watch their favorite shows, host a movie night with friends, play games and truly live every day. As a result, deck designs are taking on new shapes and styles, from mid-century to modern. Outdoor dens and sunken outdoor living areas – inspired

Brief Talk about Garden Shed Material

When people want to pick a garden shed for their yards, expect for colors, material is also another foremost factor they may consider. That is to say, people would ask what kind of garden shed I should choose. Composite? Wood? Or a plastic one? The answer of course is not fixed, which depends on different situation of each individual. As a composite garden shed manufacturer, we’re not going to list out only favors of composite, but to talk about this


Here in Spoga, which held in German Cologne from 19th to 21st June, 2022. Taking new products, it is the first time OCC meets both old and new friends in an official manner. During past more than 2 years of pandemic, we’ve never stopped developing new products, so we are counting the days to bring these new and fantastic products to our customers, and to the international market. And the day, finally comes. With our popular cladding and new capped decking as

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