Speaking of decking clean, many people may think it’s troublesome, and some even have no idea where to start. Honestly, for composite decking, it is actually a kind of ultra low maintenance product that do not need daily care, but it still needs some care & clean, especially when it get stained.

For normal wash, you just need to clean it with water and warm soapy water if necessary. But please remember DO NOT USE the metal material tools like metal brush, which might damage the wood grain or grooves on the surface. Additionally, when you do washing especially brushing, please always work in the longitudinal and material texture direction of the product.

When comes deep wash, the most efficient way is to use water by sponge or soft brush and even a power washer, but the pressure of the washer should be no more than 1500psi and it should be  applied by professional cleaners. Besides, we recommend the distance between the tap and decking should be no less than 30cm, or else damages may occur to your deck by excessive water pressure. 

Regarding some certain stain, for instance, the dark or moldy staining, the chlorine-containing household cleaner can do the help. And please clear the trash between the gaps of decking frequently, or ponding may cause mildew. Some stains like oil stains, food, sauce and beverage stains are required to clear away timely.

All in all, no matter what kind of stains, especially for oil stains, food, sauce and beverage stains,  cleaning in a timely manner is always recommended.

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