Why the Aluminum Pergola with Louvers is Important?

Aluminum pergola is a kind of special existence due to its unique design in engineering structure and appearance.

The reason why we say it mainly result from the louvers. To some extent, louver is the core of the pergola which defines the functions of this product with growing popularity.

Here in OCC, we develop our aluminum pergola and make it a sort of all-weather system, which depends on the 0-120°electrical louver control. Let’s see how it works under different weather and conditions:

1/ Sunny day in winter

During those precious days with sun in winter, people chase after sun to get as much as warmth they can. When you have the aluminum pergola, you have no need to change your places from time to time, you can enjoy sunshine by simply adjusting the louver and let sunlight in.

2/ Sunny day in hot summer

Although some prefer to sunbath in summer, it’s not an easy thing to stand continuous sun irradiation. In this case, our rotate louvers can angle away from the sun and cool you down soon.

3/ Depressing weather

Circumstances normally has a lot of work to do with people’s spirit and mood. When encounter some depressing weather, you can rotate our louvers vertically for optimum ventilation from heart build-up beneath the structure.

4/ Rainy days

It’s really very chill when listen and watch raining in the open air without be caught in the rain. Just close the louvers and enjoy the raining moments. Besides, it also works during snowy days.

Thanks to the stainless steel 304 that we applied to our accessories, which is anti-rust with long service life, so you have no need to worry about the leakage.

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