What decking material is the best?

No matter in outdoor or indoor decoration, decking decoration always plays an important role into it. To some extent, it defines the style as a whole.

WPC decking

Today, the main ground decoration comes into stone, wood and some composite material. Most people are familiar to the first two kinds of materials, which have been widely used for many years. Stone is really very durable, so it’s a good option when people pursuits durability, but perhaps it’s not a smart choice for those who would like to vary the decoration at intervals. For wood, it has never being an easy job for many people who can refuse the special wood texture, and some even has the wood knot. However, considering maintenance and environment reason, wood is also not the best solution under certain cases.

WPC decking

Perhaps as a result, composite material begins to spring up and gains a lot of fans. At the moment, PVC, BPC(bamboo plastic composite) and WPC(wood plastic composite) are dominant trend among many kinds of composite materials.

As a WPC supplier, we’d like to talk briefly about the WPC decking. In a way, it’s remarkable for the appearance of WPC. On the one hand, it normally keeps the wood grains, especially for those 3D embossed decking, enjoys ultra wood-like grains and real texture; on the other hand, nearly 30% of WPC are plastic, and those plastic can be some post-consume waste, so it’s very friendly to the world. Besides, from users’ viewpoint, they don’t have to oil or paint the WPC decking, which is anti-corruption and only needs ultra-low maintenance. For our WPC decking, it can offer the service life of more than 15 years! Of course, if you want to ask what are defects of WPC, perhaps it is not very cheap when compare to normal wood, but it indeed worth the cost.

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